Spring 2018 -  ACM Projects Application
Aimed towards aspiring engineers, ACM Projects is an initiative to mobilize undergraduate students to create exciting hardware and software projects throughout the semester. These projects are designed to be too complex to do on your own, but perfect for a team setting. You will work with teammates in an agile setting to create unique and impressive projects.
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ACM Projects is meant to help students gain experience.
Therefore, graduate students will not be considered.

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Any food allergies or other dietary needs?

Do you have any work experience?

If so, tell us a little bit about it! This could be anything like an internship or a restaurant job.
It is fine if you don't have any!
What projects have you worked on before?

If you haven't worked on any projects before, that's totally fine! That's what ACM Projects is here for.
What extracurriculars have you been involved in?

What programming languages and/or frameworks have you worked with? *

If you've got links to a GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble, a blog, site, portfolio, or whatever else, drop them here.

One per line, if you do. No problem if you don't.
Are there any other accommodations you will be needing at the event (e.g. accessibility assistance, etc.)?

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

Any project ideas that you may have would be put here.
Do you agree to the following? *

Build Nights are when the magic happens. 

Wednesday nights, on a weekly basis, between 8:30pm - 10pm. 

Over the course of 10 build nights, you will work with your team, industry professionals, and mentors  to create your project. 

Projects will end with presentation night, where you will present your project to industry professionals.

Do you agree that you will be at all of the build nights and presentation night, and will work with your team outside of meeting times if you are selected for ACM Projects?

(Dates will be in the RSVP email if you are selected)
Thanks for applying, we have received your application.

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